Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It Has Been a Little While

I haven't written in a bit.  That isn't because I haven't run, it is because I was trying to balance time between running, taking care of a sick toddler and life.  I just didn't sit down to blog about the runs.  I ran with my toddler in her jogger for FOUR miles.  I skipped from two to four miles with the jogger.  It added about a minute per mile.  She enjoyed it for a little while.  The run was on April 24, so it has been a week.  She enjoyed seeing all the birds that would take flight or just hop around.  She is a real nature lover.

I ran 2/3 of a mile, or a little bit more on Saturday.  My throat was just hurting too bad to try to continue at all.  I didn't want to push myself into illness, especially having a sick little one.  That morning, was an earlier morning than most Saturdays.  My husband, my toddler, and I , brought my brother-in-law to the airport and then headed to the Primary Children's Hospital.  She had to get blood work done and a throat swab.  I have received all good news from that blood work.

She seems to be doing better.  I had scheduled a run with a friend from church this morning.  I didn't realize that it would be in the 30s at the time we were supposed to run.  We would be both pushing our youngest child in a jogger.  She has a baby who is less than one.  I decided I should cancel that run.  I didn't want her little one, or mine, to get sick.  My toddler is just now starting to feel well again.  I am hoping it is lasting!  I hope to run later this evening, but if not, it will be tomorrow. 

I am planning to do a 10K this summer, instead of a half-marathon.  I think I will be doing a lot of my running with the baby in the jogger, and I just don't think I could get enough mileage under my belt doing that to attempt a half-marathon.  I figure I will wait until she is a little older. 

With that being said, I hope if you are a runner, the weather is good for you!

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