Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Importance of a Sports Bra and a Jogger That Will Go Straight

Today was a day when I really felt like I had to get out and go for a run.  Perhaps it is because I went to a sushi buffet.  I didn't overdo it, I had 8 pieces, but I could have eaten a lot more.  I also had some salad and sweet and sour chicken.  It was super good. 

I made dinner for a family who just had a new addition born.  I dropped it off at about 5:45 pm and then went for my run.  I brought my whole family with me.  They like to play at the park while I push the baby in the jogger. 

I figured I would attempt a 3 mile run.  I got out and within the first few steps, I realized I had forgotten a very important piece of apparel when going running.  I did NOT put on a sports bra.  I am a nursing mom.  I wear nursing bras.  I put the sports bra on over it.  Not this time.  I told my husband, when he caught up with me, that I had forgotten the sports bra.  He laughed.  He knew the predicament I had gotten myself into.  I was sure that by the first time around the 2/3 mile loop, the nursing bra would have come undone on both sides. 

I couldn't announce that we were all going to go home, as I knew that would cause great weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth.  My children would not appreciate that their time on the playground had disintegrated into nothing. 

I thought, I will run one time around.  I decided after the first time around, that I should at least finish 2 miles.  That is what I did.  It was one of the least comfortable runs I have gone on, in a long time.  I do think it will serve as a reminder to make sure I have put on all the required pieces of clothing next time.

To make matters worse, the jogger's front tire would not hold any air for a long time.  I decided on Monday to buy a new inner tube for it.  I replaced the inner tube in the stroller with the new one.  The tire would now hold air.  I was super excited.  Later that evening, I decided to take the baby for a jog.  We made it a few minutes, before my stomach was in a great deal of pain, and I realized that the jogger would not go straight if my life depended on it.

The jogger pulls hard right.  It only takes a few steps before I have moved quickly to the right.  I came home and decided that I should tighten the left side of the front tire.  It seemed that would make the tire more straight.  I took it running last night.  I was wrong.  It still has a hard pull to the right.

Tonight I took it again, figuring I would just keep correcting it.  That gets incredibly tiresome.  I ran a lot with the jogger only on the back wheels.  That kept the stroller going straight, but it takes more energy than I really want to exert.  I have to figure out what to do, or I am going to have to see about finding a good, secondhand jogger.  Who knew that replacing an inner tube could cause so much trouble!  I guess I should have just kept running with it flat, it was easier that way!


  1. My Sports Bra made running much more bearable. I wonder if the right tire needs to be tightened?

    1. I am going to try to tighten the right side before the next run... Forgetting to put on the sports bra was horrible!