Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Day and a Four Mile Run

Happy Monday everyone!  My brother came to visit for the weekend from Washington State on Friday.  We went down to Salt Lake City to look around Temple Square and see some of the other sites.  I decided to put my four-mile run on hold until Sunday because I wanted to have fun.

It has been a wonderful weekend with him.  He was able to get some good video of the children's Easter egg hunt.  We enjoyed some good food.  My children, my husband and I went to church in the morning.  When we came home, the Easter Bunny had come.  That is always fun.  It is nice to see them running around and enjoying the time.

We went to Wingers and DP Cheesesteak on Saturday.  I enjoyed a salad and shared a sub with my sister.  We introduced my brother to the Godiva Shakes.  He really enjoyed it.  I knew that I couldn't skip my run on Sunday after all that delicious food and knowing what we were going to eat for Easter.

(It is Tuesday now, something came up and I had to stop my blog.)  When I was ready to head out for my run, I asked my older children if they wanted to go to the playground.  They all said yes.  I left my toddler with my husband and we left.  I had to do 6 laps around the park, each was 2/3 miles.  Every time I would pass the children on the playground, they would wave and say hello.  It was nice to see them.

On my fifth lap, I asked the children if they would want to run the last lap with me.  They said yes.  I was excited, since this was the first time I had run four-miles straight in a long time.  I finished my fifth lap, when I got to the last lap and passed the playground, the children had decided they didn't want to run with me.  That was fine.  I supposed that if I was a child, I would much rather be playing on the playground.   I finished the four-mile run in 46:47.74.

I walked to the playground after I finished the four-miles to cool off.  I gathered the children together and we headed out after I watched them play for a little while.  They enjoyed doing the monkey bars and the slide.  It was nice that they got to play for about 50 minutes to let some of their energy out.  We went to the Redbox that was located across the street and rented a movie.  We then headed home.

All in all, it was a wonderful run.  I was happy to have completed four-miles.  I know I will finish it faster as time goes by, but for now, it was nice to just finish :)

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