Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rest and Recuperation

There hasn't been much going on as far as training.  I ran/walked a 5K on Friday night for a good cause.  That has been pretty much the extent of what I have done.  I am sure I overdid it on the Half Marathon.  Lesson learned.  I was on antibiotics for a cracked tooth.  I will be getting that taken care of on Thursday.  Hopefully it is back to life as normal soon!

I have been trying to convince my husband that I should get a puppy so I can have something to run with.  He got a Guinea pig instead.  The puppy will be on hold for now, if not forever. 

I have been absolutely exhausted, can't seem to get enough sleep.  Not sure if that is due to the Loritab that I take every now and then for my pain or just trying to heel.  Rest and recuperation is definitely on my menu for a few more days.

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  1. I hope that your tooth starts to feel better soon! Rest and relaxation are very important!