Thursday, September 19, 2013

Running Off and On

Since my half-marathon on August 31, 2013, I have done two 5K's and that is almost the extent of my running.  I have run a little with my children to and from school.  It isn't very easy though since I need to bring an umbrella stroller for my youngest daughter.  The jogger gets goat heads (they are a very painful, sharp pricker around here) in the tires and makes them go flat en route to the school.  The umbrella stroller just has some kind of tire that doesn't go flat.

My children and husband at benefit 5K 9-6-2013
My van broke down last weekend and we are deciding if we are going to get it fixed or not.  We had decided we would, now we are not so sure.  Anyway, I get to walk back and forth to school twice a day now.  It is keeping my step count up there pretty high, which is good!

My children, my husband and I have done the last two 5K's as a family.  Well, we start together, we don't end together.  My daughter isn't a great fan of running, she has exercise-induced asthma so we need to try to keep that in check.    I ended up run/walking the first 5K with her. My husband and two sons went on ahead and finished 10-13 minutes ahead of us.  I think it is important, and fun, that we do exercise together.  I know it motivates me to keep going.

My children and I at benefit 5K 9-6-13
I am going to be signing up for a half-marathon that will happen around Halloween.  I need to start running more regularly again.  I just need to get my registration paid and then there is no turning back!

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