Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1.38 Miles into a 2 Mile Run

I had to do a two-mile run this evening.  It is much easier to do the runs in the evening when my husband gets home.  When I tried to run with my daughter in the jogger, it took much longer to get it over with and it was much harder than I had imagined.  I have a nice imagination, I imagined that it would be very easy to push a 10+ pound stroller with a 20 pound baby in it.  The reality of it, it isn't easy to push a 10+ pound stroller with a 20 pound baby in it.  I need to figure out how to enjoy it, because eventually I am going to have to run much further and I am not sure I will be able to complete the runs before sunset.

Tonight as I ran, I was enjoying it.  It was going well.  I could breathe well and it didn't seem like it was very hard.  Then, for whatever reason, at 1.38 miles, I got really hard.  I don't know if I hit the proverbial wall, or what happened, but it got really hard.

The thoughts in my mind went something like this: "You can do this.  This isn't hard.  You ran a 5K on Saturday, so this is easier.  You are more than halfway through the run, you got this."  I was trying to convince myself that I was fine.

I kept that going on during my run.  Then at about 1.5 miles, I started telling myself:  "You can slow down.  It is okay to take it easy.  You are running faster than your SmartCoach plan tells you to anyway."

Well, I kept running.  I kept a rather steady pace.  I reminded myself that I have a three-mile run on Saturday, so it was important to keep running today.  I went on to remind myself that next week I will have a four-mile run, so I really can't give up on a two-mile.

Am I the only one that holds conversations, in my mind, while running?  I give myself a pep talk, try to convince myself that it is okay to slow down, but keep on going anyway.  I haven't ran with an MP3 player since I found out I was pregnant with my toddler.  I get to hear all the sounds of the road and of the city.  Maybe this is why I take the time to listen to all the thoughts I'm having.

I was happy to complete my run.  I came home to my slow cooker lasagna and then headed to Walgreens.  I bought some Hersheys Kisses and some Fish Oil capsules.  I had a sick child at home today so I didn't do much.  It was nice to get out.

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