Monday, March 11, 2013

Running in the Evening

Today I had to do a three-mile run.  I knew that it wasn't going to happen with the baby in the jogger.  I might not be able to do a three-mile run with her in the jogger until I am able to do a five-mile run without her in the jogger.  I had to wait to do my run until my husband got home from work. 

It is amazing how much more energy I had in the evening, than I have had in the mornings.  I ran the three miles in 36 minutes, and this included some inclines, so I was happy with that time.  I imagine the energy difference is because I never eat in the morning before my runs.  That means I am generally running after not eating for 10 to 12 hours. 

I am training for a half-marathon that is downhill.  It should be fun.  Sometimes I wonder what I have gotten myself into.  The only thing I realize is that if I didn't sign up and pay for it, I wouldn't be running now.  I know myself well enough, that I have to be financially invested in a race, in order to be sure I train for it.  I also save money if I sign up earlier.  I like to save money. 

This week I have two, three-mile runs, and one, two-mile run.  My two-mile run is on Wednesday, so at least the runs get broken up this week.  I enjoy running, but I miss the days when the two- and three-mile runs were easy runs.  Now, even though they are labeled as "easy runs" on my SmartCoach training calendar from , they are not something I call easy.  I keep reminding myself that these really will be easy one day.  These will be short runs.  Right now, they are long runs and difficult.

I try to ingrain in my head how these runs are.  I think I do this so that I can remember when I run four miles or five miles and I feel the same way, I can remember that I pushed through before and I can do it again.  In my marathons, I ended up walking in both of them.  Once I started walking, I didn't walk the whole time, but I did walk.  The first marathon, when I ended up needing to walk, I felt defeated.  People would be cheering me on, even as I walked, and I felt like I had let myself down.  At some points, I was holding back tears, because I was disappointed in myself.  I wanted to run the whole thing. 

My second marathon rolled along six weeks later.  I had once again hoped to run the whole way.  I didn't run the whole way that time either, but I did run two miles further before I started to walk.  I started to walk at 18 miles, instead of the 16 previously.  I was happy that I made it further, but still disappointed.  I hope to, someday, complete a marathon without walking.  I don't know if/when it will be possible, but I hope it is possible someday.

With this being said, I am thankful for a healthy body.  I am thankful for legs that can carry me.  I am thankful that I can walk, that I can run.  I am thankful for my family that supports me.   I am thankful that my sister runs with me.  I am looking forward to doing some races with her.  It is always nice to have someone to run or exercise with.

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