Sunday, March 10, 2013

Running a 5K and an ItWorks! Wrap Party

I woke up yesterday morning.  I knew that I had a three mile run ahead of me.  I lay there trying to convince myself to get up and get ready to go.  I had not run three miles in almost a year.  I knew that it wasn't going to be an easy task.  I finally convinced myself to get up and do it.  It took a good fifteen or twenty minutes.

Around my block is .62 miles.  From my house to where my children go to school and back is 1.28 miles, according to .  Before I started my run, I told my husband that I was going to run around the block five times.  That was my full intent.  Anyone that lives in this area knows that yesterday was quite windy.  I don't know if everyday is windy in Utah, or just the days I decide to run.  In fact, at one point later in the day, my nine year-old was out riding his scooter and came inside and told us that the wind was pushing him.

By the time I finished my third lap, I knew that I was tired and I didn't want to run anymore.  This was not an option.  I had to do three miles, and that was what I was going to do.  At this point, I decided that if I ran around the block again, for the fourth time, I might not be able to convince myself to do the fifth time around.  It would be really easy to run into the house, pat myself on the back, and tell myself I did a good job running 2.48 miles.  So, I decided I would run to the children's school and back.  That way, there was no chance that I would give up and run inside.

I continued to run.  Have you even been running and had to convince yourself that you can keep running?  I kept telling myself that my legs can do it.  That my legs would not just crumble to the ground.  They sure felt like they would, but they never had before.  I was right, my legs did keep working.  I was able to finish this run.  It was a bit further than the three miles I had to do.  It was 3.14 miles.  So, I officially finished my first 5K of the year.  It took a while...38:03 to be exact, but it was finished and I was happy.

I didn't run this with the baby and the jogging stroller.  I might have died if I had tried.  I am thinking that I am not going to attempt running three miles that way until I can run 5 miles.  It is hard to believe that I have a half-marathon on June 15.  I have every intent to be completely ready for that.  My weight yesterday was 138.8 183.8 pounds, so I lost .8 pounds.  I will take that any day over gaining weight.  That is going in the right direction.

Last night, I hosted an ItWorks! Wrap Party.  A good friend of mine from several years ago and his wife did the party.  I had a wrap applied to my stomach.  It is to help lose inches, tone and firm spots that need help.  My stomach isn't as firm as I would hope.  I have had four children, which I think contributes to loose skin.   Measurements were done around my belly button, and then two inches above and below.  In the hour that I had the wrap on, I managed to lose a total of 4.75 inches from the previous measurements.  This morning, I had lost another 4.75 inches, for a total of 9.5 inches.  I am really excited!

I will post before and after photos.  The wraps, and the lotion on them, keep working for 72 hours.  I will not have after photos until Tuesday evening.  There are also other great products distributed by the ItWorks! Company.    I am looking forward to sharing the results :)

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