Monday, July 15, 2013

Running While Sick and Running Clothes

I haven't been feeling good the passed couple of days.  It is no fun.  Although I haven't been feeling well, I decided that since today's run was just two miles, I would be able to do it without much of a problem.  That would be the first mistake.  The second mistake would be thinking that even though it was in the mid-90s, it would be okay.  The final mistake was not drinking as much water as I should have.

Well, all those mistakes can add up.  I wanted to get in the run before dinner.  I didn't want to run late tonight.  I think it has been causing some insomnia.  As the mother of four children, insomnia does not work out too well.  It is pretty bad when you are up really late, because you can't sleep, and then  you need to get up when the children get up.  My ten year-old is generally the first one awake.  Thankfully, he can take care of himself.  It is when my five year-old and one year-old get up that I need to really get moving.

I ran, and once again, without a watch.  I have no clue how long it took.  All I know is that it felt that my legs were dragging.  I didn't feel like I was moving quickly at all.  I was wishing I had been smart and just blew off the two-mile run.  By the time I was finished, I was a pretty huge sweatball.  I sweat a lot regardless of temperature.  When the temperature is in the 90s, I am going to be sweating a lot.  Thankfully, it was just two miles, or I may have not made it.

Just a quick thought... I sometimes forget about the correct colors for running.  I often wonder if some of the people that choose the color for running clothes have ever sweated during a run.  Gray is a horrible color for running clothes.  I was reminded the other night after my run when my nine year-old let me know that my rear was wet.  Yes, I did mention that I sweat. 

This brought me back to a day in 2010 when I was training for a marathon.  I put on gray shorts and I have no clue what color shirt, probably pink.  The shorts were short.  Little did I know, that this day, being a weekday, there would be a company having there summer picnic at the park I was running passed.  There were hundreds of people at the park.  There were people on the trail that I was running, smoking.  As I ran passed the first time, I saw them looking at me.  I had to run a mile passed them, then the mile back, and then turn around and run another mile passed them, and then the three miles back.  It was an eight-mile run day.  By the time I was passing them for the third time, I was horribly sweating.  I had six miles.  My shorts were soaked.  I looked like I had wet my pants.

Although, my family got a big laugh, as did I, from the appearance that I wet myself, I thought it would be fair to share the experience.  It was horribly embarrassing to me, but at the same time funny.  I knew I didn't wet my pants, but I am not sure they knew I didn't.  I don't think I saw anyone I knew, which I am grateful for. 

Just for your information, I have found that black is the best color for running.  I just need to remember that myself.  If you sweat a lot, like I do, take it from me, don't wear light colors.  You will look like you wet yourself, or you will have that sweaty line going down the middle of the back of your shorts or running pants.

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