Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sidelined with Bronchitis

I misdiagnosed myself, apparently.  I thought I was having a hard time because of my asthma.  I went to the doctor on Sunday morning with another issue, and decided that I would discuss my recent asthma symptoms with him as well.  I found out that I have bronchitis.  I was put on azithromycin for the antibiotic.  Antibiotics are not good to me.  They cause other issues if I don't eat yogurt.  I am not a fan of yogurt, but I am even less a fan of the other issues...

I am not running until I can breathe halfway decent.  I am hoping that day will be tomorrow.  I don't like missing my runs, but sometimes it is necessary. 

I just wanted to post an update as to why I haven't blogged about my most recent run, which was supposed to be yesterday.

Hope all is well!

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