Thursday, August 15, 2013

Five Miles with My Toddler Last Night, Two Miles Alone Today

Yesterday was my five mile run for the week.  I waited until evening, when it had cooled off a bit.  I made my announcement that I was going for my run.  My husband asked if I was bringing the little one.  I decided that I better get used to running with her again.  My children start school soon, so I am hoping to get my runs in earlier in the day.

I got her ready to go and put her in the van.  I checked and made sure that the jogger tires were inflated.  I have gotten to the park too many times and had them flat.  I didn't want to get there again and have to turn around because my husband wasn't there to watch her while I ran.

We got to the park, I got her strapped in and we walked over to the trail.  At the trail, the run started.  She was okay for a little while.  I think she was enjoying it actually.  She always enjoys seeing the birds.  The first time we had to stop at a light was when it started to get bad.  She wanted out of the jogger, in the worst way.  I took a swig of my water and gave it to her.  She drank some of it, while I ran across the street since we had the walk sign.  When I got to the other side of the street, I stopped so she could finish drinking.  Then I took the water bottle.

I think she expected that she could get out of the jogger when I stopped.  The bad news was, we were only 1.5 miles into a 5 mile run.  She stiffened her little body right out.  She thought that maybe that could get her out.  I know my children well enough that if I let her out, I would never get her back in.  So, she objected for quite a while.  For about a mile, to be exact.

She loves to see the moon.  The moon was behind us on the run, so she couldn't see it when we were running north.  When it was time to turn around at 2.5 miles, there it was.  She started saying "moon, moon" in her own way.  I know that it is moon. 

At about the three mile mark, I saw some cows, in someone's backyard.  Where I grew up, you couldn't keep cows in your backyard.  I said to my daughter, "Look at the cows."  She was looking around, but really had no clue where she should be looking.  I stopped the run and turned the jogger in the direction of the cows.  I then said, "Moo, moo."  She said "Moo, moo."  She wasn't amused when I started the run again.

A little further down the trail, when we got pretty close to 3.5 miles, my daughter took out her earrings.  I stopped and took them away from her, so they wouldn't get lost.  I started running again.  She was not happy at all by my decision to take them back.  I told her I'd put them back in, but she had to leave them there.  She turned her head, I put it in, then she turned to the other side and I got that one in to.  She did leave them there.

The daylight was turning to dusk and I still had 1.5 miles to go.  I was trying to decide if I should get off the trail and run on the road by the time I got to 1 mile.  I saw other people on the trail ahead of me, so I decided I could continue on the trail.  We made it the last mile and still had daylight to spare.  When we got back to the park, I saw my husband and children.  My two sons ran the rest of the way with me, about .2 mile.  I love running with my children.

I really enjoyed the run with my little one.  It is nice to take little breaks to let her see things that I know she would enjoy.   On my run last weekend, at close to 4 miles, I saw a pig, some sheep and some rams.  I think the children would really enjoy that, but I think I would have to drive there and show them.  I can't imagine that any of them would want to go that far right now.

I ran two miles this afternoon.  It was blazing hot... in the 90s.  I just wanted to get it done.  I think next time I will wait til it cools down!

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  1. I think that she probably had no clue what a cow was. She sure does love her momma!