Sunday, August 4, 2013

Sidelined No More

I decided that I should try to sweat whatever of the bronchitis out that I have left.  I found that it doesn't really work that way.  Running just added some to the cough, but I managed to survive. 

Yesterday was a four mile run.  I thought that I could do this.  I actually knew I could.  I told my husband I had to do it regardless of how I felt.  That is what I did.  I felt like doggie doo, but I wasn't feeling too good sitting around gaining weight either.  Of the two alternatives, I would rather run and feel like doggie doo, than to sit around and feel like doggie doo.

I laced up my running shoes at around 7:30 pm, gathered my family together, and off we went.  I pushed the toddler in the jogger for 2/3 mile, then handed her off to my husband, jumped on the trail after running a mile, and did the next three miles.  Those four miles took me 46.5 minutes, but I did them.  This was really the first exercise I had done all week.  I felt it almost every step I took.  Lungs burning, sweat pouring, the coughing, but it was done. 

At the end of the run, as I coughed up what might be a complete lung, I felt good.  I felt satisfied that I got out there and ran.  I felt good that my children got to play at the playground again while I ran.  I felt good that my toddler finally got out of the house to play.  I felt bad for her that she had been pretty much locked up in the house.  She loves getting outside. 

This next week is going to be a hard one.  The long run on Saturday is ten miles.  I will be able to get it done.  I just need to remember to use my inhaler before I leave the house.  I think that might have helped a lot yesterday!

My fitbit friends that follow my progress, you will actually see some decent numbers :)  I am ready to log those steps again!  Those who are not following me on fitbit yet and want to be my friend, here is my info

Hopefully I never have the joy misfortune of ever having bronchitis again.  Here is to getting back on track for the Layton Syracuse Half Marathon on August 31, 2013!

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