Monday, August 26, 2013

The Family Before a Training Run

Last Monday, when we arrived at the local park to get in a run, I wanted to get a picture of my children and I.  They were going to be training for their 5K run and I had to get in my three mile run.  I was going to be running the circles around the park with my daughter in her jogger.  My husband took the picture.

I am getting used to wearing my hat while I run.  The half-marathon I am running in will start at 6:30 AM and I will be running east.  I figure it will be good to have something to keep the sun out of my face.  I get awfully hot running with that hat on, but I think it will do me good!  It also keeps the sweat out of my eyes.

We will all be running a 5K or a two-miler on September 7th.  I am not sure what the distance of the race is yet.  It will be a church activity, so it will be free, and they will feed us breakfast!  I was looking at other races that would end up costing us $125 if we were all going to run together.  I prefer free!

I have been looking forward to running with my children since I started running in 2010.  We will do a practice two mile run on Friday, and then we will all go out to eat at a Chinese buffet after my half-marathon on August 31.  When I completed my other half-marathon in October 2010, we all went to a Chinese buffet with sushi.  That is what we will do this time. 

My children have been making good progress with running.  I look forward to many years of being able to run with my children and my husband.  For me, running is relaxing.  I am excited to have this time to work toward teaching my children to enjoy running and not look at it as something they HAVE to do, but rather something they look FORWARD to doing.

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